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Silo Seviye Sensörü

Silo Seviye Sensörü

Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Our production process, to you  Jet pulse – reverse air – piston  type – bucket type   etc filter  with systems  joint maintenance and repair, commissioning, assembly and projecting  We are happy to serve you, our valued customers, with solutions such as:

Please contact us for detailed and technical information.


* Capacity range of 1.000 - 600.000 m³/h.
* Special design suitable for all operating conditions.
* Emission below the Environmental Legislation at the filter outlet
* The load and chemical structure of the powder to be held, the humidity of the fluid
and filter bags made of fabrics suitable for its temperature.
* Fully automatic, PLC Control unit and improved
minimum compressed air thanks to the cleaning system
* Electro galvanized, filter bag wires.
* Explosion cap on each module, depending on need.
* Fully bolted mounting, optionally as a whole.

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